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About Us


Watson and Associates of Midland was established as an engineering and consulting firm in 1976 by W.D. Watson and Carol Ann Watson. In 1977 surveying became part of the business and in January 1982 the company was incorporated to become Watson and Associates of Midland, Inc.

As of July 2008 Watson and Associates of Midland is known as Watsons Professional Group Inc.

Watson Professional Group Inc has grown steadily over the years becoming known for their work in the Oil and Gas Industry as well as in the Alternative Renewable Energy.

Watson Professional Group Inc is dedicated to prefecting our services through innovation and the highest standards. Our purpose is to reach the higher standards. Our purpose is to reach for higher level of perfomances by redefining existing standards and challanging paradigms. By applying the principles of truth, honesty, respect, and integrity, we pledge an unwavering commitment to provide the finest service and to produce the very best product for our clients.