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Petroleum Industry

The Scope of services offered covers a wide array of drafting, GPS and conventional surveying as well as design and engineering.

Oil, Gas, and Injection Well staking

Boundary Surveys for Tracts, Leases and/or Tank Battery sites

Stake of Roads, Electric Lines

Elevation Surveys. (Ground, Rig Floor, & K.B. etc.)

As-built Surveys of new or existing Pipelines

Inventory of new or existing Pipeline Plant or Compressor Site Facilities.

Oil, Gas, and C02 Plant construction staking and Boundary surveys.

Oil or Gas Gathering system and recovery system.

Water or CO2 Injection Distribution and recovery system surveys.

Wind Industry

The Scope of Services offered covers field note description, maps, and/or plats are required for:

Project site mapping and reconnaissance

Topographic and Boundary surveys

Project site and Transmission Line Alta/ACSM survey.

Turbine staking and micro-siting.

Site meetings with Clients, land owners, and contractors.

Engineering Design of roads:location, clearing, and topographic surveying

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning.

General project site engineering.

Switching station layout.

Operation and Maintenance building topographic and construction surveying.

Project Transmission Line topographic surveying.

Construction Staking: Turbines, Road, Collection Systems, Transmission Systems.

As-Built Alta/ACSM

Engineering Services

The Scope of services offered to cover evaluation, design, and inspection for Civil, Geo-technical, geophysical, and structural engineering.

Investigation, design, and trouble shooting of structural foundation.

Inspection of foundation excavation.

Preparation of SWPPP plans.

Road Designs.

Civil Engineering design of roads.

Civil Engineering design of water & sewer lines.

Environmental Services

The scope of services offered includes consultations, development, and implementation of the following programs:

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.

Spill preventions, control, and countermeasure plans.

Phase I environmental site assessment.

Real Estate Services

The scope of services offered covers legal field note description and maps or plats as required:

Land and Boundary Surveys.

Surface facilities survey.

Roads, Streets, Highway designs, and layout.

Pipeline, Transmission Lines, and Road Crossing surveying.

Sub-Division planning, platting, and processing.

Residential and Commercial location surveys.

Topographic Surveys.

Land & Ranch surveys involving lease boundary & land title problems.

Alta/ACSM land title surveys.

Construction Staking.

Land Management Services

The Scope of services offered covers a wide array of Land Management Services in Texas & New Mexico.

Surface Use Agreements

Farm Out Agreements

Unit Agreements

Commingling Agreements

State Land Office Permits

Bureau of Land Management Permits

New Mexico Oil Conservation District Permits

Texas Rail Road Commission Permits

Depth Severances

Title Research

Division Order Analysis for Mineral Ownership.